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The Thames River has always been and will always be one of London's greatest landmarks. Check out the cruises which are offered up and down the river.
Thames River Cruise

There is no better way to re-discover London and its many amazing sights than on a stimulating Thames river cruise, one of most favoured London cruise tours. On a Thames river cruise, you get the wonderful opportunity of viewing the exuberant city that is London, in a way that is incomparable to the others. Beginning from one pier to another, the Thames sightseeing tour will usually begin from the pretty, pastoral countryside and will meander through the rustic landscapes to the illuminating lights of London. During a Thames river cruise, you will be treated to some of the best sights, which include London's eventful history and landmarks the Capital is famous for.

On your river cruise, you will experience wonderful views of both rural and metropolitan settings, providing ever-changing vistas of breathtaking scenes. The cruise tour will take you pass some of the most iconic attractions in London, like the Millennium Dome, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament, Canary Wharf, Shakespeare's Globe, Cutty Sark, St Paul's Cathedral, Big Ben and many more. Cruise guides will tell you more about the history of these attractions. You can even choose to take part in shore expeditions from the cruise ship to other renowned landmarks like the British museum. You will be able to observe the gripping works of art in the Tate Modern too. River Thames winds itself across some of the grandest and celebrated landmarks in the world. A Thames sightseeing tour, will lead you to most of these sights such as Windsor Palace, Hampton Court Palace and the magnificent State Apartment.

Thames and London transforms into a dazzling cobweb of brilliant lights and sounds during the night. If want to experience the magic of the London's night air, try the Thames river dinner cruise. But be it a day or night cruise, you can always enjoy the revitalizing fresh air of London without the hullabaloo of the City. You're free to do what you like on the cruise, be it joining shore ventures or independent jaunts. Most ships are equipped with a bar, lounge, restaurant and other such amenities, so food is not a concern. On the contrary, you will be treated to culinary delights courtesy the chefs on board.

A Thames sightseeing tour is, undoubtedly, one of the best London cruise tours that give you the luxury of seeing and experiencing breathtaking London at your own relaxed pace. Thames river cruise will leave you with a lifetime of fantastic memories to treasure.


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